Profile: The New York City Department Of Buildings

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A Brief History of New York City

After being explored from the mid 1500s to the early 1600s, the New York City area was discovered by Dutch settlers, who christened the land “New Netherland” and enjoyed their new home for about 40 years. The English arrived in 1664, seized and occupied the area, and named it New York, after an English duke. Disagreements with King George III led to the colony declaring independence, along with its twelve fellow colonies, in 1776.

 The early settlers and colonists built their homes and businesses along the rivers. Homes, businesses and recreational structures quickly spread across the five-borough area, in all directions throughout the island of Manhattan (minus the Frederick Law Olmstead-designed Central Park) and spilling onto the surrounding islands and mainland, a total of approximately 470 square miles. Today, visitors seeing New York City for the first time may be amazed at the river-to-river, densely packed buildings on Manhattan Island and its fellow heavily populated boroughs.

NYC’s Department of Buildings

Shortly after their arrival the Dutch developed and implemented rules for buildings and their safety. In 1860 the position of Superintendent of Buildings was created, followed by the Buildings Department in 1892. In 1936 a citywide Superintendent of Buildings position consolidated the individual boroughs’ superintendents. The current New York City Department of Buildings has been operating since 1977.

Facts About NYC’s Department of Buildings

The New York City Department of Buildings Enforces:

  • Building Code
  • Electrical Code
  • New York State Labor Law
  • New York State Multiple Dwelling Law
  • Zoning Resolution

The department’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Issuing construction permits
  • Inspecting properties
  • Licensing trades
  • Performing plan examinations

Buildings In New York City Are Taken Care Of

Those who are concerned with the construction and maintenance of buildings in the city of New York, whether architect, contractor, resident, visitor or interested observer, will find answers to their questions, information and further reading at City of New York Department of Buildings.

With “safety, service and integrity” as the department’s focus; and Robert LiMandri, esteemed for his achievements in construction safety, as Commissioner; the buildings of New York City are in good hands.